Degree in Veterinary Science, Master’s degree in Biotechnology and current MBA candidate at IESE Business School.  For the most part of my professional career, I worked at a public seed capital fund that invested in start-ups and early stage development-oriented projects.


About the author.

Juan Pedro Rodríguez Serrate (Linkedin profile) holds a degree in Veterinary Science, a Master’s degree in Biotechnology and is on his way to graduate from IESE Business School’s  Executive MBA by mid-2015. After graduating from university, he was a research fellow at the Yale University School of Medicine, in which he studied the proposed causative agent of the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease and other Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies in a basic research laboratory.

For more than six years he worked as a tech transfer and business development manager for Genoma España, one of the most dynamic public investment institutions in Spain dedicated to biotech, managing a seed capital fund that invested in early stage opportunities such as start-ups and development-oriented projects arising from public institutions. This fund invested more than €9M, raising an additional €37M from public and private sources.

Mr Rodriguez Serrate’s interests are the intersection of science and business, where he spends a large amount of his time researching investment opportunities in biotech stocks with promising technologies. He offers these analyses on a subscription-based website: Chimera Research Group.

From the investment standpoint, he focuses on both short and long term investments. Companies that have short term catalysts which may have a dramatic impact on the share price are opportunistic short-term investments. He usually holds a long or short position  through binary events. On other occasions, he has a long term approach on those companies that have good fundamentals, solid science, competitive management and a prestigious scientific team, but appear undervalued compared with their peers.

About the site

Iber Biotech provides analysis, valuation and business development services to investors, companies and individuals interested in the life sciences industry. Its sections are divided into news that have an impact on biotech companies, valuations and analysis of biotech stocks. The site’s mission is to offer the best service to potential clients through well-documented and researched analysis. Iber Biotech provides insights into those companies that offer a substantial opportunity to cover unmet needs with cutting-edge technologies.

How can we collaborate?

Iber Biotech offers strategic consultancy services that include:
- Investment analysis and due diligence on projects and companies in the life sciences sector.
- Equity research on publicly traded biopharmaceutical companies.
- Valuation of projects and companies using DCF and comparables.
- Market research and analysis of the competitive landscape.
- Strategic advice on biotech-related projects.

Don’t hesitate to contact Juan Pedro via this website’s contact form or through his Linkedin profile